Bede BD-4C

I am building a Bede BD-4C airplane. When done, it will seat four adults and should cruise at about 180 MPH with a 180 hp engine. That works out to 18 MPG, not bad for an airplane designed in 1968.

Bede BD-4C in flight
Bede BD-4C in flight

Follow my progress as I build the plane in the Bede BD-4C category here on my blog.

For more info on the Bede BD-4C, see BedeCorp’s web site.

6 thoughts on “Bede BD-4C”

  1. Art, I live in the memphis TN area, and own an already built very nice try-gear Bd4-b, that is currently getting the instruments & radios replaced….one of these days (read next couple of months)I will fly up & give you a ride in a BD4….gerry huser

  2. Hello Art,

    I’m actually emailing you regarding your FIAT 500. I bought my FIAT in August 2011 (I love it!)…I believe it was pre-July manufacture. Anyway, I have a Palm Pre, too. But I cannot get it to work with Blue and me. Well, not completely. Specifically, I cannot get my Phonebook to download and stay downloaded. It takes a long time to down load…more than 10 minutes. And my Phonebook is not that big. But once it’s downloaded everything works great. But as soon as I turn off my car I loose all the data. And I have to download again the next time I’m in my car. Do you have this problem? I’m wondering if I need a software upgrade? My dealer is not very helpful…but if I can say it works with you then I have a benchmark to push. Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Art,

    I am amazed at the coincidence that you live and build a BD-4 in Saint Charles. I live in Saint Peters and am interested in seeing what is involved in building a BD-4 homebuilt before I have to commit to actually building it. I wonder if I could visit you, and see your aircraft? I am a retired database professor from Lindenwood University, and am just beginning to start a bloggy web site about designing several box wing aircraft and modeling them in X-Plane.

    Dale Mahan

  4. Hi, Art. I’m emailing to ask a few questions regarding your BD-4C. My wife and I are currently very seriously looking to start construction but would like to get some opinions if you wouldn’t mind. In particular, thoughts on realistic construction time and performance vs. a Bearhawk. Thanks!


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