Bede BD-4C Wingtips

The wingtips for my Bede BD-4C airplane arrived today, a very nice surprise since I have been having a hellish time getting the horizontal stabilator attached parallel to the wing spar. Here are pictures, in gorgeous carbon fiber.

BD-4C airplane wingtips
BD-4C airplane wingtips
Close-up of carbon fiber wingtip for Bede BD-4C airplane
Close-up of carbon fiber wingtip for Bede BD-4C airplane

I am dearly looking forward to the day when I can attach these to the wings.

3 thoughts on “Bede BD-4C Wingtips”

  1. They arrrre beautiful!!! It is amazing that they manufactured them in carbon fiber. Most are made of plastic. Great.

  2. Don’t “wing tips” belong on shoes? Do you need to buff and shine these? Actually I can picture them on the plane and hope for your sake, it’s soon.

  3. Hi, Art. I have two BD-4s. One with an O-320-E2C, Sensenich fixed pitch prop. Cruise is about 140 mph.
    The other has an O-360-A1A with a Hartzel constant speed prop, and a curved windshield. Cruise is about 165 mph.
    Both are conventional gear. (If I had tricycle gear my landings would be much shorter). No wheel pants or gear leg fairings.
    I think you will be satisfied with the aircraft you are building. It does not handle like a fighter, but it is stable in flight and on approach.
    Good luck on your project.
    Jeff Guy 740 625 6186
    Centerburg, Ohio
    I live on a grass strip 6CM.

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