A Graceful Exit from the Syria Trap

President Obama is in a tight spot. On the one hand, he wants to appear strong and follow through on his “red line” statement. On the other hand, he wants to appear strong and not knuckle under to Congress’ disapproval of military action in Syria. The only choices being discussed are: a) Attack Syria, or b) Do nothing and get called a wimp.

There is a third option: Mr. Obama could say,

I spoke carelessly when I mentioned the “red line.” I’m human. I made a mistake. I’m sorry.

My personal feelings about a “red line” do not constitute the opinion of the United States of America. Furthermore, my personal opinion does not, and cannot, obligate the United States of America to take any action.

Were Mr. Obama to say that, his self-imposed pressure to attack Syria would vanish. It would be much easier for him to make a decision which is supported by our Congress and by our allies.