Shim Shiminey

Making shims for my Bede BD-4C makes me want to sing,

Shim shiminey
Shim shiminey
Shim shim sher-ee!
A sweep is as lucky
As lucky can be

but I will spare your ears and forgo the podcasting.

The brackets for the brake master cylinders will sit on top of a couple of different pieces of metal, the angle to which the rudder pedals are attached and, for two of the brackets, a piece of the nose gear structure. In order for the brackets to have a flat surface on which to sit, I had to make five shims of various lengths, widths and thicknesses.

Here you can see four of the shims that go in front of the copilot. (The fifth is underneath the shim labeled “3B.” (Click on a picture to see it larger.)



The shim labeled “3A” needs to be installed underneath the thing that it is sitting on top of in this photo.

Here is the same picture with a pair of the brackets positioned on top of shims 4B and 4A.

Shims with brackets

Brake master cylinder brackets positioned on top of shims

The piece of wood between the brackets is just temporary, to keep the brackets the right distance apart.

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