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Heartbleed Relief: Replace the Default SSL Certificate in Parallels Plesk Panel

If you have a web site with an SSL certificate then you are probably affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability which popped into general visibility. If your server is vulnerable, you need to do two things: Update openssl Replace your SSL

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MySQL + UTF-8 + PHP 5.3.10 + JSON = Trouble

Yesterday, I spent longer than I care to admit debugging an update to an old PHP script. It fetched a string from a MySQL database and (here’s the new part) passed the string to json_encode(). That call failed when the

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Python Singleton

I needed a singleton database class in a Python 2.7 program and wrote it this way.

I like this pattern but I realized that this is even more elegant:

It works because I do not really need the

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Read-Only Python Properties

Following onto yesterday’s post about¬†Python Properties and @property, there is a neat little trick to create a read-only property of a Python class. All you have to do is omit the setter. This Hero class has a read-write property “name”

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Python Properties and @property

My son pointed me at PyCharm and, while poking through it’s built-in “intentions,” I discovered Python’s @property decorator, which led me to learn more about the Pythonic way to handle class properties. Unlike Java and C++, Python encourages you to

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Just Ordered My WordPress 10th Anniversary T-Shirt

WordPress t-shirts

It’s hard to believe that I have been writing this blog for almost eight years and that WordPress (the software which drives this web site) is going on ten years old. To celebrate both, I just ordered my WordPress 10th

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$76 Media Center

Raspberry Pi top

Several years ago, we got a Sony PlayStation 3 as a home theater PC and it has been a fantastic way to watch Blu-ray discs, Netflix, etc. It has not been a good way to listen to music for two reasons.

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Software Jobs

By day, I own a software company and occasionally write software. Wally, Dilbert’s friend, reveals all about my job in today’s strip. Click the image to read the whole comic. The disturbing question is: Which job do I hold???

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Real Virtual Alchemy

I have learned to change lead into gold, and back again, for real! Well, sort of. Thus far, it only works within the virtual world of programming languages like Python. Here is the recipe. (If you are not into geek-speak,

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Python Generators Neatly Untangle Loops

The Python programming language has become my first choice for most tasks over the last year or so. The more I use it, the more I find to like about it. I just stumbled across generators in a way that

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