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I Made a Welding Table!

It’s done I welded together a welding table using my flux welder. Here is the previous post, Welding a Welding Table, where you can see some of the in-process photos.

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Welding a Welding Table

When I started cutting up steel for the back seat frame of my Bede BD-4C airplane, the chop saw threw off so many sparks that I singed the top of my wooden workbench. Being a bright boy, I thought that

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Installing Lift Reserve

As you know, if you are a citizen of the universe, I am building a Bede BD-4C airplane and I have been writing about the process here on my blog for the last couple of years. Today I am going

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True Love

Rudder in the kitchen

Sometimes I get lucky. Sometimes I know it’s true love. Who else but my beloved bride would let me keep the tail of my airplane in the kitchen???  

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Few wives are as lucky as Candy. Not only does she have a freshly spray painted rudder push-pull tube drying in her dining room, but it is hanging from her chandelier! I’ll bet that none of her girlfriends have anything

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$76 Media Center

Raspberry Pi top

Several years ago, we got a Sony PlayStation 3 as a home theater PC and it has been a fantastic way to watch Blu-ray discs, Netflix, etc. It has not been a good way to listen to music for two reasons.

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Don’t Build Airplanes While Sleeping

Rib in top of rudder with a paper template of the part which will go on top of it

I know that this keeps you awake at night, wondering whether or not you will be able to avoid building an airplane while asleep. Let me encourage you to persevere in your efforts. At all costs, strive to be awake

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AirVenture 2011

If you like things that fly, get thee to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for AirVenture. Here are some of the photos that I took this year. (Click through to the photo album for larger images or if you cannot see the slideshow

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Wet Bird!

If you have never been around pet birds, you may not know that many of them love showers. Robin Hood, our Red Lored Amazon parrot, vociferously “reminds” me to take him along when I go for my morning shower by

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Welcoming Robin Hood the Red Lored Parrot

We have adopted a new family member, Robin Hood, the red lored Amazon parrot. Click the picture to see more photos and a video. Robin Hood is an absolute delight, loving attention and company but being (usually) patient when he

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