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English Language Pet Peeves

Quick rant on misuse of the English language. Neither “incent” nor “incentivise” are words. “Motivate” is a word. There is no verb form of “incentive.”

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NSA Illegally Collecting US Citizens’ Email

I am not surprised, but I am still dismayed, by the continued erosion of our personal privacy in the shadow of George W. Bush’s administration. The New York Times reports in E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress that the National

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Checking In, Avoiding Hidden Dependencies

I woke up in a good mood this morning and then… Sometimes one piece of technology makes another, seemingly unrelated, piece of technology misbehave. It happened this morning at 12:15am CDT when an automated program that I run in Amazon

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IE6: Get Over It

I am fed up with wasting clients’ dollars “fixing” web sites so that they look good in Internet Explorer 6. IE7 has been out for 2 1/2 years. IE8 is available as a free beta. There are lots of other

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Added Benefit of On-line Family Trees

I published my family tree on-line so that other family members and genealogists would have easy access. I never imagined that it would turn into a way to find long lost friends. I just received this email message: A friend

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Google Chrome to Replace Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux

Google released Chrome today and you will see “Google Chrome is a browser” if you visit the Chrome web page. Do not be deceived, though. Chrome is not designed to replace Internet Explorer or Firefox or Safari. Chrome is designed

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When Words Fail: Use The Lazy Bloggers’ Post Generator

Sometimes the words just won’t come. What’s a blogger to do? I have a little confession to make: I turn to the Lazy Bloggers’ Post Generator. After you read this latest sample of it’s output, I’ll bet you’ll agree that

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Technology is challenging enough when we really know what is going on. The situation deteriorates rapidly as we progress through only thinking we know what is going on to being completely clueless. My step-mother just started using a computer, the

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Moving Beyond TV

Thanks to Jeremy Zawodny for drawing my attention to Clay Shirky’s talk on the cognitive surplus. Shirky makes some excellent points. Give it 17 minutes of your time and watch. My comments follow. I agree with Shirky, we like to

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Coming Soon: 3.0 Support for Microsoft Office 2007 Files

I run my company using instead of Microsoft Office. It does everything we need and costs a whopping $0.00; not a bad deal for a small business. To be more specific, Gives us word processor and spreadsheet programs

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