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Straightened the Crooked Tail

I discovered a serious problem with my Bede BD-4C airplane as I was getting ready to install the top fuselage skin: the horizontal part of the tail was crooked. Specifically, the copilot’s side of the tail was about three inches higher (above the

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Bede BD-4C Wingtips

The wingtips for my Bede BD-4C airplane arrived today, a very nice surprise since I have been having a hellish time getting the horizontal stabilator attached parallel to the wing spar. Here are pictures, in gorgeous carbon fiber. I am

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Making an Inspection Port

After spending much time and effort to properly create the large fuselage skins for my Bede BD-4C airplane, you would think that I would want to keep them nice and whole. You would think wrong. Two of them needed large

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Bottom Fuselage Skins Bonded

Big weekend: I have bonded the first fuselage skins onto my Bede BD-4C airplane. I painted 3M Scotch-Weld #10 Contact Adhesive onto both the skin and the fuselage angles and then “just” stuck the two together. Here are a few photos.

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More Fuselage Skin

The rear part of the fuselage of the Bede BD-4C airplane that I am building is about 11 feet long. There are eight pieces of skin which cover it. The aft-most pieces are 0.016 inches thick and about 7.5 feet

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Progress on the Fuselage Skin

I have made a bunch of progress on the first piece of fuselage skin for my Bede BD-4C airplane. This is the piece on the top of the fuselage, at the rear. It sits under the vertical stabilizer so, no

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Cut the First Skin

Tonight, I screwed up my courage and made a diagonal cut along a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of aluminum. This is the first piece of fuselage skin for my Bede BD-4C airplane.

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Horizontal Tail on Bede BD-4C

Big day today. I attached the horizontal stabilator (horizontal tail) to my Bede BD-4C fuselage for the first time. Check out the video:

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Wings Fit

If you have been following my progress building a Bede BD-4C airplane for awhile, you might have been wondering where I have been and why I have not posted anything for several months. Frankly, I hit a terribly frustrating phase

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How I Chose to Build a Bede BD-4C

Bede BD-4C in flight

Several people have asked me how I chose to build a Bede BD-4C airplane instead of any number of more common planes. The questions come in three forms, all of which read like “How did you decide to build this

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