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First Attempts at Metal Art

Having acquired a welder for working on my airplane, I got kind of distracted making some silly little projects. Click on the pictures or, if you don’t see the slideshow below, jump to my Metal Art Projects photo gallery, where

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Comparing Health Insurance (ObamaCare vs. Company Health Plan)

For years, I have offered health insurance to the employees of my company, Hen’s Teeth Network. December 2014 is the last month that HTN will provide health insurance. This blog post explains why and includes the spreadsheet that I used for

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Finished the Bede BD-4C Rear Seat Frame

The first brace for the rear seat frame of my Bede BD-4C airplane took so long that I thought the remaining three would take quite awhile. I was wrong. With help from my friend, Dave, I got them all done

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Fabricating Steel Parts

Now that I am a “master welder” (hah! ) I am moving forward with fabricating steel parts for my Bede BD-4C airplane. My first attempt was the tail skid. I had to have the tube bent for me, since I

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Rear Seat Frame Progress

I made some progress on the rear seat frame for my Bede BD-4C airplane today. The rear seat is a surprisingly comfortable sling. I cut the tube which is the cross bar. I clamped some wood onto the fuselage to

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I Made a Welding Table!

It’s done I welded together a welding table using my flux welder. Here is the previous post, Welding a Welding Table, where you can see some of the in-process photos.

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Welding a Welding Table

When I started cutting up steel for the back seat frame of my Bede BD-4C airplane, the chop saw threw off so many sparks that I singed the top of my wooden workbench. Being a bright boy, I thought that

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For years, I have joked that, I don’t weld. Well, now I do. There are a few steel components on my Bede BD-4C airplane that need to be fabricated to fit my plane. The main ones in front of me now are

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Bede BD-4C Rudder Controls Access Panel

The Bede BD-4C airplane has a whole bunch of hardware inside the back end of the fuselage. The two rudder cables (one from each rudder pedal) are attached to a steel bellcrank. The bellcrank operates the front end of a push-pull

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Fabricating the BD-4C Dorsal Fin

In our last episode, our intrepid BD- had built a bending brake but been forced out of his airplane factory by the sweltering St. Louis summer heat. Once the temperature dropped, I was able to make the bend for the middle of

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